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Assisting with the artist check-in on Friday Night, near the Post Office and Saturday Morning at the corner of Linden and Beaufort.
This is our first contact with the artists at the event. We confirm each artist's arrival, give them their packet, provide a water bottle if needed, and direct them to their booth's location. Artist Traffic Flow Volunteers take it from ther

After Artists Check-in (above) the next person they work with are the Traffic Flow Volunteers.  
This is a very important role assisting traffic direction as artists unload. This is not a role to unload artists, we do not want to actually handle the artwork in any way.  Instead, we are politely encouraging artists to unload quickly and to allow traffic to pass them, easing congestion.  Notably, the key to this role is reminding artists to set up their booths AFTER they have unloaded material, rather than doing so while their vehicle remains in the thoroughfare.

Keeping artists hydrated is one of our most important goals. Working in collaboration with our friends at the Ecology Action Center, we delivery fresh cold water to artist several times each day.  Artists are given refillable containers at check-in.   Our effort is to keep the artists hydrated and reduce use of plastic water bottles in landfills.

This is a new role for us in 2015. We have a large paintings for event patrons to have photos taken. These are posted on Facebook for easy download.

 We will have two "Famous Artist" heads walking the festival this year.  "Pablo Picasso" returns and will be joined by "Van Gogh".  These are used to share information about the MCAC, handing out flyers that detail upcoming exhibitions and classes, membership, etc.  Additionally, these characters will be posing for photos at the photo booth (see above).

Assisting our Artist Teachers with group instruction at the big tent on the intersection of Beaufort and Broadway.  Youths will make art projects under the direction of a MCAC artists in a make and take class.  Several art teacher will tag team at the tent throughout the day.

Everyone needs a bathroom break.  
This role is to ask the artists if they are in need of a break and to watch their booth while they take a short rest.  

The artist party on the corner of North and Broadway, is a chance for the artists to unwind and celebrate.  Food is served and soft drinks are served.

Volunteer Roles

Look for volunteers in the Event Staff shirts!

Once the festival begins, all volunteers will meet at the MCAC Booth at their shift time. 

Our booth is located at the east side of the Roundabout. 

Dress for the weather, wear sunscreen, and stay hydrated!


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