*Updated 2/8/18

Check in Procedure:

- You must sign in at the front desk before going downstairs.


- Open studio privileges begin one day after your first class and extend for one week after your final class. 
Example: If your class meets once a week from May 3 – April 1, your open studio access is from May 4 – April 8.

- The studios are usually available during the building’s regular open hours*, but not during classes, special events and gallery receptions. There is a schedule for each room in the hallway near the basement entrance

- You may work in the ceramics studio if there is a class in the painting studio. You may work in the painting studio if there is class in the ceramics studio.

- Give yourself ample time to clean up. Plan to be out of the building at least ten minutes before closing time.

General Policies:

- Friends/family/pets may not visit you downstairs.

- You may eat in the studios. 

  - Do not put food in the downstairs garbage cans.

- No alcohol is allowed in the studio.

  - You absolutely may not enter the kiln room without a staff member 


- Help yourself to tea/coffee.

- Extra clay must be purchased ($10/bag).

- Extra canvas boards must be purchased ($3/each).

- There is no extra fee to use paints, pastels, ceramic glazes, and tools.

- When in doubt, please ask a staff member.



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