Posted 3/27/2020

Normally we would be sending out notifications of acceptance to the Sugar Creek Arts Festival this week, but here and everywhere else this is not a normal time.  The virus will undoubtedly change much of our social interaction for the foreseeable future and I have heard from several artists that festivals in their region have been canceled through May. We are still planning on holding the Sugar Creek Arts Festival in July.

We have extended the application window to the end of April, given that the landscape of public gatherings is very much in flux.  If you have not applied, we encourage you to do so.  If the festival is canceled, these fees will be refunded. 

I and my staff are now working off-site.  Email is the best way to connect with us.  Kimberly Babin is our new project manager. Please feel free to email her or me if you have questions about our new timeline. Justin, our previous staff member in that role, is now working as a delivery driver for FedEx, so think about him when you appreciate ordering goods on-line.

We want to do everything we can to keep you heathy and provide sales opportunities for you, but in that order. I am anxious for our collective health and for the livelihood of all of our friends. Family members of my friends have already died from this outbreak and I am strongly encouraging you to take all the precautions available to you to be safe. Although I may see you only once or twice a year your health is important to me.

2020 Festival Timeline Adjusted

Artist Applications are now due: Thursday, April 30, 2020

Notification Date: May 15th, 2020

Festival Dates: Saturday, July 11 and Sunday July 12, 2020

North Street Artists:

Friday Night Artist Check-in is on Broadway by the post office.  Artists will need to drive east on College Ave., and turn right onto Broadway Blvd. 

All artists must have checked in and received their packets prior to set-up.

Artists with booth numbers N21 - N19 can easily exit back onto Fell Ave.

Artists with booth numbers N48 - N63 can pull through the Roundabout (CLOCKWISE ONLY) to exit on Beaufort.   As Beaufort St. artists will not be arriving until the following morning, so exiting the Roundabout after set-up may be made from either Beaufort street direction. The Constitution Blvd access will be blocked by food trucks.

Roundabout Artists:

Friday Night Artist Check-in is now available for all booths. Check-in is on Broadway by the post office.  Artists will need to drive east on College Ave., and turn right onto Broadway Blvd.

All artists must have checked in and received their packets prior to set-up.

Exiting the Roundabout after set-up may be made from either Beaufort street direction. The Constitution Blvd access will be blocked by food trucks.

Beaufort Street Artists:

  • Because BEAUFORT is a narrow street we have the following requirements for unloading. 

    - All traffic is westbound only. Entrance is from Southbound Linden Street Only.

    - No set-up prior to checking in.

    - Vehicles must pull to the curb and unload onto the sidewalk. Do not park in the middle of the street.

    - Artists must stay with vehicle the entire time of unloading. Unsupervised vehicles will be towed at owner's expense.

    - Booth Setup only AFTER your vehicle has been moved off the street.

Notes to Artists:

  • Thank you for being with us!
  • The Sales Tax Rate in Normal is 8.75%
  • Friday Night Check-in is from 5pm to 8pm for North Street and Roundabout Only.
  • Saturday Morning Check-In begins at 6:00am for all artists.
  • All Artists must Check-In prior to unloading.  
  • Artist must unload completely to the sidewalk and curb before beginning set-up.  
  • Vehicles left unattended in the roadway will be towed. 
  • Artist who behave in an inconsiderate manner will be ineligible for reapplication.
  • Artists are expected to have white topped tents. Creative variations are allowed, but must be pre-approved. 
  • There will be an artists' party and award's ceremony at 5:30pm on July 13th on the top floor of Uptown Station. 
  • Artist Parking is indicated on the maps. The Alamo Bookstore lot has space available in the metered section only at no charge (see map above). However, those parking in their customer spaces, adjacent to the building will be towed.   
  • Do not park in spaces labeled reserved. You will be towed.
  • The Town of Normal provides Police Officers for overnight security, however the festival and its partners assume no responsibility for your booth and its contents.
  • In the event of heavy storms, Artists must make their own decisions regarding set-up and teardown. Festival organizers wish you to be safe at all times.
  • Artist's are responsible for weighing down their tent. We recommend a minimum of four 50 pound weights (sandbags, concrete anchors)
  • Artists are to bring their own water containers. Teams will be stopping by booths to refill supplied containers on a regular basis. That said, delivered water should serve as a supplement to your own provisions.
  • The Judges, independent of the MCAC staff and Board, make decisions on all prizes. 

Artist's Parking:


Our Uptown business owners wish
to remind everyone that they require full
access to sidewalks during the festival.

Those artists with brick paved areas behind 
their booth may use that space for storage
or seating, but nothing should be placed
on the sidewalks.

Thank you!

Information for Sugar Creek Festival Artists


Saturday, July 13, 2019, 10 am - 5 pm 

(The public starts showing up around 9am) 

Sunday, July 14, 2019, 11 am - 4 pm.

Exhibiting artists must be present both days.


Friday Night Check-in & Setup 

***This year we will have two check-in stations on Friday night. The check-in station that you go to will depend on your booth area.

***If you are on Beaufort Street you will check in at the intersection of Linden Street and Beaufort Street.  Vehicles must enter southbound only.  It is the same location that check-in has been in the past for Saturday morning.  

***If you are on North Street or the Roundabout you will check-in at the intersection of North Street and Broadway Avenue.  You will need to enter from College Avenue because the other side of Broadway will be closed off

***Staff will be present from 5:00pm to 8:00pm for check-in.  All booth areas are marked and numbered.  Absolutely no one is allowed to setup before checking in and there are no exceptions

Saturday Morning Check-in & Setup

 ***Saturday check-in will take place at the intersection of Linden Street and Beaufort Street.  Vehicles must enter southbound only.  Saturday check-in time starts at 6:00 am and ends at 9:00 am. All booth areas are marked and numbered. Vehicles must be unloaded and out of the area by 9 am. No box or panel trucks are permitted on the festival streets 


Artist Folders

***At check in you will receive a folder.  In that folder will be a 2019 Bloomington-Normal Visitor Guide, Map of galleries in the area, booth sheet, tax form, and menus to the majority of the food spots in the Uptown Normal area.  The booth sheet in your folder will be displayed at your booth and helps the judges and patrons of the festival.  


Booth Fees (Contingent on Festival Section)

Beaufort St. (Standard): $200

Beaufort St. (Premium): $245

North Ave.   (Standard):  $225

North Ave    (Premium):  $275

Roundabout (Standard): $300


Coffee and doughnuts are available to artists on Saturday morning. An artists' party is planned for Saturday night, complete with food and beverages. Booth-sitters will be available and cold water will be delivered to booths throughout the day. However, this is not to serve as a replacement for artists's own provisions.


*All fine art and fine craft will be accepted for jurying. The artwork presented must be original and created by the exhibiting artist. However, we do allow giclee prints, provided that at least 50% of the artwork displayed is original. All work must be for sale. Castings from commercial molds, kit items, buy/sell items, offset reproductions, unlimited series and/or mass editions are prohibited. 

*Digital images submitted for MUST REPRESENT THE WORK THAT WILL BE EXHIBITED. MCAC reserves the right to exclude any work it deems unsuitable for display, or which was misrepresented by the application materials.


A committee of practicing artists and/or MCAC staff will view each booth and visit with artists to ensure cooperation with stated policies and satisfaction of all participants. The committee reserves the right to reject or remove from the Sugar Creek Arts Festival any work it considers unsuitable, or any artist found to be in violation of the policies and rules herein described. Any exhibitor violating the rules of Sugar Creek Arts Festival will become ineligible for re-admission to future festivals. Artists misrepresenting work as their own or exhibiting buy/sell items will be dismissed from the festival immediately without refund.


Artists are responsible for their own equipment and artwork. MCAC, Sugar Creek Arts Festival, and its sponsors assume NO responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen items.


Monetary awards are decided by a team of paid art professionals. Best in Show: $500; Fine Art: First Place $300, Second Place $200; Fine Craft: First Place $300, Second Place $200.  

An additional prize in honor of the late artist D. Bill is awarded for artwork that makes best use of recycled material and the winner is selected by members of D. Bill's family. 

Awards are presented at the Artists' Party on Saturday evening from 5:30 to 7:30PM.  It will be located on the fourth floor of Uptown Station. The McLean County Arts Center will be providing food and refreshments.

Hotel Information

Rooms are available at the following two hotels:

In Uptown Normal:

Marriott Hotel and Conference Center

$135 per night   1-866-704-2533

Please let reservations staff know that you are a Sugar Creek Artist

Away from the Festival, near the airport:

The Holiday Inn & Suites

Standard Guest room (no breakfast): $109.00

King Suite (no breakfast): $125

3202 East Empire Street Bloomington IL 61704 PHONE: (309) 662-4700 FAX: (309) 662-4777 WEB:

Please let reservations staff know that you are a Sugar Creek Artist

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