Title                           "DRIFT I"

Dimensions               14" high by 82" wide by 63" deep
Material                    Mild steel
Executed                   September, 1978
Commissioned by     Steve Struck, Bloomington, IL.

"This piece came out of a surge of work executed in 1978, call it a conceptual watershed, and lasted well into 1980.  There were eight sculptures contained in the Drift Series, with #8 now belonging to MCAC.  In retrospect, I find it interesting that Steve Struck commissioned #1 and #8 (the beginning and the end) of this series.  The conceptual wherewithal of the large outdoor Cor-ten sculpture at the University of Illinois, titled ARGONAUT, comes straight out of this series. Folks at the U of I insisted on painting the piece red. I resisted, preferring instead the natural dark patina of Cor-ten.  I was wrong.  It looks great painted red, and they maintain the piece with scrupulous care.

So DRIFT I is significant in terms of the underlying concept development taking place in my work during the late 70's and early 80's and leading directly into the ten-part Elegy Series, 1980-1987."

-Ed McCullough

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