Dana Altenburger,  Bruce Cather, Margaret Cordill, David Dow,  Allyson Frink, Su Ge, Tamara Harvell, Susan Holifield, Jared Lacy, Deana Moore Schoolcraft, Archana Shekara, Dave Templeton,Taylor Williams

 Temporary President-Margaret Cordill


    Margaret Cordill fills her life with a tapestry of color, texture, and light. Her love of art is a palette that 

                infuses her  world with creativity and inspiration. She firmly believes that art is not a luxury but a
               necessity, advocating for everyone to have access to its transformative power.
               Her life includes an amazing husband, two fantastic daughters who bring immeasurable joy
               and a charming Yorkie companion. In 1994, Margaret traded the Kansas plains for the
               landscapes of Bloomington, where she has worn many hats - from a dedicated stay-at-home
               mom to a nurturing preschool teacher and a caterer.
               Beyond her roles, Margaret possesses a great desire to give back. She has served on
              numerous boards and enjoys participating in many other volunteer opportunities. She finds
              beauty in the details, whether it’s collecting art, capturing moments through photography, or
              exploring nature’s wonders on hikes.
             Margaret enjoys cooking, is a perpetual learner, and a has a chronic case of wanderlust.
             She looks forward to all that awaits her in her second term on the board at the McLean County
             Arts Center

Secretary - Dave Templeton