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Acton Chris Fiber Chesterton IN B 61
Anderson Michael Painting Madison  WI N 48
Ayers Stephen Ceramics Hannibal MO N 9
Beccue Jake Other Monticello IL B 53
Bedeian Vahan & Vicki Jewelry Blue Grass  IA N 14
Bergeron Doug Photo Mason City  IL B 23
Bond Angela Painting Decatur  GA B 45
Breen Felicia Ceramics Alton  IL N 25
 Brin  HillSculpture  Cotopaxi COB 28 
Bryan Jon Wood Champaign IL N 32
Bumgarner John Painting Morton  IL B 36
Bush  Jill Jewelry Champaign IL N 6
Cahill Shiela Glass Owensville MO B 52
Chomyn Joseph Ceramics South Bend  IN N 42
Cornejo Fernando Painting Bloomington  IL B 59
Corner Sean Sculpture Wichita KS N 7
Cottman Felicia Other Champaign IL N C
Crable Jacque Sculpture Burlington  IA N 15
Crable Jerry Other Burlington  IA N 17
Decker Bob Photo Wapello IA N 12
Dosset Christine Glass Normal  IL N F
Downey James Glass Monticello IL R 7
Dressler Julia Photo Clarksville  VA B 12
Driscoll Jeff Other Dubuque IA B 10
Dunning Kathy Sculpture Streator  IL N B
Dwyer Debi Glass Boone NC B 14
Eddleman Brock Glass Bloomington  IL  B 6
Engberg Cathy Painting Peoria  IL N 22
Erley Gerard Painting Columbia SC N 39
Fenwick Tracy Jewelry Hernando  FL B 21
Rebecca Photo Indianapolis  IN B 58
Franklin  Charles Wood Le Roy IL
N 10
Frichtl Lynne Glass Bloomington  IL R 12
Frye Tim Ceramics Shumway  IL R 1
Gangler Phil & Glenda Photo Normal  IL B 43
Gee Frank Painting Gallatin  TN B 22
Hallowell Britt Other Mount Sterling OH N 37
Haro Mayolo Wood Morton Grove  ILB 56
Hart  Jeff Wood Aurora  IL N 4
Haynes Rachel Sculpture Altona IL N 45
Henderson Megan Wood Oswego IL  B 44
Hentschel Retta Glass Aurora  IL N 23
Heuton Karen Painting Grimes IA N 13
Holt Sandra Fiber Bloomington  IL N 27
Horn  Dale Photo Hawthorne Woods IL N 18
James Sandy Jewelry McHenry  IL N 40
Jones Robert Photo Waleska GA N 30
Kapoor Gopal Jewelry Greenville NC N 31
Kijanowski Craig Sculpture Farmington  IL N 46
Kirwan Mike Sculpture Kappa IL B 38
Koch Amy Other Wildwood  MO N 36
Kukla Chris Ceramics Metamora  IL B 20
Laine Philippe Fiber Palm Beach Gardens FL B 1
Lane Barry Ceramics Chatham  IL R 14
Lamar John Sculpture Rockford  IL N 34
Lamberson Sheila Painting Bloomington  IL N 19
Laurell George Ceramics Ingleside  IL N 35
LeBeau Andrea Fiber Carbondale IL B 17
Linnabary Cynthia Ceramics Roscoe IL B 54
Litchfield Henry Jewelry Peoria  IL B 57
Llergo Karina Painting Northbrook IL B 18
Locus John Photo Colinsville IL B 49
Macklin Shannon Other Flagstaff AZ R9
Madison John Painting Normal  IL N 2
Martin Steven Wood Carterville IL R 13
Mattingly  Coleman Photo Washington  IL N 43
McDaniel Eileen Ceramics Wautoma  WI B 31
Meerdink Cameron  Ceramics Seymour IL N 24
Meier Josh Photo Tipton IA N D
Miller Jill Fiber Urbana  IL B 25
Millspaugh Amy Ceramics Princeton  KY N 58
Mitschele George Sculpture O'Fallon MO R 11
Moore Donna Glass Franklin Grove IL R 2 
 Morris Anne Other Moline IL B 27
Myer Terri Painting Fenton  MO B 4
Neal Lois Gress Jewelry Squires MO N 29
Newell Rachel Other Chillicothe  IL B 15
Nian Hua Painting Urbana  IL B  11 
Norfleet-Bruenger Allison Jewelry Maplewood MO B 24
 Obernberger  Scott Ceramics Racine  WI B39
Pabst Thomas Sculpture Huntertown IN B 8
Palmer Susan Graphics Bloomington  IL B 5
Pierce  Angela Other Bloomington  IL B 3
Puddicombe Lydia Wood Urbana  IL B 29
Rasmussen James Photo Mount Prospect  IL N A
Redinger Sharon Painting Madison  WI N 54
Reed Tom O. Wood Sandborn  IN B 34
Reiss Laura Fiber Champaign IL B 51
Rhoads Jerry Wood St. Joseph  IL B 55
Roeing Mandy Painting Downs IL N 8
Sampson Cindy Other Champaign IL B 30
Sanders Thomas Photo Bowling Green  OH N E
Schmidt Kathrin Jewelry Iowa City IA R 4
Schneider Kay Fiber Iowa City  IA  N 5
Schollmeyer Fred Painting Chamois MO N 38
Sepich April Other Helenville WI N 60
Shull-Andrews Deb Fiber Lincoln IL B 9
SerbousekBrooke  Jewelry Chathum ILN 56
Silver Linda Fiber Washburn IL B 46
Skow Rebecca Ceramics Iowa City  IA B 42
Slodki Lisa Jewelry Chicago  IL B 16
Specht Nikki Wood East Peoria IL B 41
Spickerman Robert Wood Sheridan  IL N 41
Spicknell Tom Glass Pittsboro IN N 44
Spillar Sharon Painting St. Louis  MO B 35
Steinbrecher Knox Ceramics Marietta GA R 8
Sternberg Scott Photo Tremont IL R 3
Stipek Michael Photo Denver  CO N 1
Stoeckley John Graphics Louisiana MO R 5
 Swanson  Ken Graphics Racine  WI B32
Thatcher Connie Jewelry House Springs  MO B 7
Turner Randy Glass Paris  IL B 33
Troller Rita Graphics Orland Park IL B 19
Tweedell Joan Ellen Graphics South Bend  IN N 11
Vansledright Gail Glass Alto MI N 28
Villa Luis Jewelry Alexis  IL B 37
Walton John Photo Middleton WI N 52
Weiler James Glass Farmer City IL B 47
Wennersten Jay Graphics Carol Stream  IL B 48
Widmer Don Other Chicago  IL N 50
Wiegand Rod Other Eureka IL B 2
Wiles Debbie Other Mattoon IL N 20
Wilhite Laurie Other Santa Claus  IN B 40
Wilken Vicki Painting Bloomington  IL B 50
Wilkinson John Wood Washington  IL B 13
Williams Jeremy Wood Shelbyville  ILR 6
Williams Lisa Jewelry Algonquin IL N 21
Willey Robin Ceramics Effingham IL N 3
Wilmowski Allyson Bailey Fiber St. Louis  IL R 10
Yeager Tess Jewelry Noblesville IN B 60
Zajicek Carmen Sculpture DeForest WI N 33
Zale Lou Graphics Deerfield IL N 16
Zieche-Davisson Patti Jewelry Sedalia  MO N 26

Upcoming events

    • October 09, 2021
    • (CDT)
    • October 10, 2021
    • (CDT)

    The Sugar Creek Arts Festival is a juried show of fine art and fine craft featuring one hundred and Thirty exhibitors from across the nation in a variety of disciplines. This outdoor festival is October 9 & 10 in Uptown Normal, Illinois. Sugar Creek will once again be held on the beautiful streets of uptown Normal. The venue has ample parking for both artists and patrons, and with 20,000 visitors the festival has great public recognition.

    If the state is not moved to Phase Five for the Covid19 virus, and we are all expecting to have achieved this, the festival may be canceled.

    Application Deadline: May 31st, 2021

    Date of Notification: June 30th, 2021

    Event Dates: October 9 & 10

    Sugar Creek Arts Festival is presented by the McLean County Arts Center, one of the oldest community arts organizations in the Midwest.

    Categories: Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Graphics, Jewelry, Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Wood, Other

    Entry Instructions:
    Please submit digital images of three representative works in .jpg format. These, along with the completed application and $25 application fee are due to the McLean County Arts Center by May 31st, 2021. Professional artists external to the MCAC serve as paid jurors.


    For additional instructions please follow the festival tab on our website For further assistance please e-mail

    Applications will not be reviewed without confirmation of application fee payment. The application fee of $25 can be made through our secure website at, over the phone by calling (309) 829-0011, (309) 826-8152, in person at the MCAC (when we again open to the public), or by sending a check to us at 601 N. East St Bloomington, IL 61701.

     All fine art and fine craft will be accepted for jury. The artwork presented must be original and created by the exhibiting artist. All artwork must be for sale. No more than 50% of a booth may be composed of giclee prints or other items of this type. Castings from commercial molds, kit items, buy/sell items, unlimited series and/or mass editions will not be permitted. The MCAC reserves the right to exclude any work it deems unsuitable for display, or which was misrepresented in the application.

    Artists exhibiting Buy/Sell Items will be removed from the festival and applications and booth fees will not be refunded.

    If the state is not moved to Phase Five for the Covid19 virus, and we are all expecting to have achieved this, the festival may be canceled. We will make this call on October 1, 2021.

Application Deadline: April 15, 2017 
Date of Notification: April 22, 2017 
Booth Fee Deadline: May 20, 2017 
Refund deadline: June 10, 2017 
Event Dates: July 8-9 
Sugar Creek Arts Festival is presented by the McLean County Arts Center, one of the oldest community arts organizations in the Midwest.

Sugar Creek Arts Festival 2016 prizes are announced!

This year's judges were artists Tim Kowalczyk and Nancy Fewkes.

Best of Show:
Leah Richter, 
Painting, Clinton, Iowa Booth B54

First Place Fine Art:
Kathrin Schmidt
, Jewelry, Iowa City, Iowa Roundabout, booth 5

Second Place Fine Art:
Kara Kirchner, Fiber Felting, Bloomington, IL Beaufort St. Booth 32

First Place Fine Craft:
Lois Gress Neal, Jewelry, Squires, Missouri, North St., Booth 29

Second Place Fine Craft:
Tom Reed, Woodworking, Sandborn, Indiana, Beaufort St., Booth 53

The D. Bill Memorial prize for best use of recycled material:
Angela Pierce, Found object painting, Bloomington, Illinois, North St., Booth 18



Sugar Creek Arts Festival

July 8 & 9, 2017   Expected Festival Hours:

Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm & Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm

July 9 & 10, 2016    Expected Festival Hours:

Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm & Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm

Booth fees begin at $175 for a 10' by 10' booth. Prices increase based on size of booth, location, and the addition of the Friday Night set-up option. Historically, the most expensive booths ($275) with both Friday night set-up and with wider spaces on the Roundabout have sold out within a day of the artist selection announcement.

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