Community Arts Access Grants Timetable for 2020

Illinois Arts Council & McLean County Arts Center

2020 Regranting Program Timetable

Application forms are available- Click Here!

Form must be completed in Adobe Acrobat

February 11, 2020 6pm Public Application Workshop

February 28, 2020 Application deadline

Early March, 2020 Panel meets for decisions

Middle March, 2020 Grantees notified, Contracts sent

August 1, 2020 Final reports due from grantees

The Community Arts Access Grants are now available for application. Proposals must be made by February 28, 2020 for programs to be completed by August 1, 2020. If your organization already receives funding from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, these proposals must not overlap with existing Illinois Arts Council Agency funding sources. 

The independent Grant Review Committee has determined the following list of priorities, in order of importance, with which they will determine the ranking of applications. Please address these carefully in your application. This year will again be highly competitive in terms of the number and quality of applications.


Funding Priorities:

· Support the quality, quantity, promotion and visibility of arts for the community

· Increase access and outreach to the arts for underserved populations

· Foster collaboration among organizations and/or individual artists

Project Plan:

· Clarity in description of project

· Degree to which project fulfills its purpose

· Quality of planning and implementation


· Collaboration among organizations and individuals

· Encourages and promotes cooperation and pooling of resources


· Balanced proposed budget page

· Evidence of cash match and in-kind contributions

· Evidence of additional and alternative funding sources


· Evidence of attainable, measurable and manageable outcomes

Organizational Capacity:

· Evidence of fiscal accountability of applicant

· History of sound management practices

Completeness of Application:

· All requested information provided by the deadline

· Prior grant final report or progress report submitted

The following items are not eligible for funding as explicitly stated in the McLean County Arts Center’s Grant Agreement with the Illinois Arts Council Agency:

1. Capital expenditures

2. Permanent equipment

3. Out-of-state touring

4. Scholarships

5. Deficit Funding

Proposal Notes:

If your organization has participated in this program before, describe or document the details of the program.  Explain how the organization will assure the proposed program will maintain high artistic quality.  (Up to three resumes, syllabi or agenda may be attached).  Address the enhancements to the existing program, if requested funding is approved.

 If this is a new program, describe the program in detail.  Explain how the organization will assure the proposed program will maintain high artistic quality. (Up to three resumes, syllabi or agenda may be attached).


Is there anything about the proposed program that you consider innovative?  While this is not a requirement for funding, one of the priorities of the regranting program is artistic innovation.  Proposals for largely repeated events are likely to receive a lowered funding priority.

Describe your organization’s ability to complete the proposed project.  Include a history of the organization and detail success.  Describe programs that you have done in the past, which are similar to the proposed project.   You may also attach a maximum of three supported documents (program flyers, press clippings, etc.)  The demonstrated and projected ability of the organization to successfully complete the proposed project is a priority of the regranting program.

Audience: Describe the diversity of the project audience for your proposed project.  The audience diversity is a primary of the regranting program. Describe the needs of the projected audience for your proposed project.  Would you consider the project audience underserved by existing programs? Include the number of minority, low income, disable and rural people that will benefit from your project. Audience need is a primary priority of this regranting program. How will the proposed program make up the difference if your anticipated cash income sources are not met or if the organization receives no funding, or less than full funding from the regranting program? Will the project be abandoned? Financial need is a lower priority of the regranting program.

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