March 5 - April 9, 2021



Best of Show – Emma Oliver, Ethel

Ashley Ritter Award for Most Promising Art – Fariba Murray


High School Graphics

1st Place – Jack Miller, Daniel Plainview

2nd Place – Kathleen Heuer, 8

High School Sculpture

1st Place – Colin Norsworthy, Doughnuts and Tea

2nd Place – Gabriel Tobin, Grandma’s Gauntlet

High School Painting

1st Place – Haley Webb, Maize of Imagination

2nd Place – Gabrielle Thomas, Observatory Gardens

High School Photography

1st Place – Braden Kralis, Hinged Cycles


University Graphics

1st Place – Amy Yeager, Body II

2nd Place – Draper Matthews, Erlenmeyer

University Sculpture

1st Place – Emma Oliver, Ethel

2nd Place – Cooper Gibson, Discodreams

University Painting

1st Place – Jeanna Campbell, Fighting Beyond the Pain

2nd Place – Shahrbanoo Hamzeh, Untitled Yet

University Photography

1st Place – Danielle Keresztes (ked-a-stesh), Lavender Farm

2nd Place – Torie Knibbs, Taking Back the Night Sky


Adult Graphics

1st Place – Fariba Murray, Nasturtium

2nd Place – Dave Fulghum, I’m Watching You

Adult Sculpture

1st Place – Deb Neumayer, Hard to Hold

2nd Place – Roger L. Alexander, Rustic Chair

Adult Painting

1st Place – Stew Salowitz, Hidden Stream

2nd Place – Yvonne Hoop, Dale’s Abstraction

*PLEASE NOTE: Following the closing of the exhibition, all artwork must be picked up between April 12-16. 

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