March 4 - April 9, 2022

APPLICATIONS are now closed. Applications for 2023's amateur exhibit will open early in the year. Stay tuned!


This year's Judge:

Doug DeWitt is a Chicago-area artist and ecologist whose found-object sculptures, drawings, environmental land art and video are inspired by natural history and Midwest landscapes. Originally from northwestern Ohio, DeWitt spent many childhood hours exploring his grandparents’ farm buildings and catching crawdads in the creek near his home. He received a BFA in graphic design from Bowling Green State University in 1985, then moved to New England to experience the coastal landscape while working in Boston. Returning to the Midwest, DeWitt earned an MA in Studio Arts from Illinois State University in 1990. He designed exhibits featuring natural history, wildlife and anthropology at the Field Museum of Natural History and John G. Shedd Aquarium, both in Chicago, where his love of nature, science and history merged with his art. DeWitt exhibits his artwork throughout the Chicago region and has shown in New York and South Korea. He is currently an ecologist and land manager with a private firm that restores native prairies, woodlands and wetlands, a profession that continues to inspire his art.


Best of Show – Emma Oliver, Ethel

Ashley Ritter Award for Most Promising Art – Fariba Murray


High School Graphics

1st Place – Jack Miller, Daniel Plainview

2nd Place – Kathleen Heuer, 8

High School Sculpture

1st Place – Colin Norsworthy, Doughnuts and Tea

2nd Place – Gabriel Tobin, Grandma’s Gauntlet

High School Painting

1st Place – Haley Webb, Maize of Imagination

2nd Place – Gabrielle Thomas, Observatory Gardens

High School Photography

1st Place – Braden Kralis, Hinged Cycles


University Graphics

1st Place – Amy Yeager, Body II

2nd Place – Draper Matthews, Erlenmeyer

University Sculpture

1st Place – Emma Oliver, Ethel

2nd Place – Cooper Gibson, Discodreams

University Painting

1st Place – Jeanna Campbell, Fighting Beyond the Pain

2nd Place – Shahrbanoo Hamzeh, Untitled Yet

University Photography

1st Place – Danielle Keresztes (ked-a-stesh), Lavender Farm

2nd Place – Torie Knibbs, Taking Back the Night Sky


Adult Graphics

1st Place – Fariba Murray, Nasturtium

2nd Place – Dave Fulghum, I’m Watching You

Adult Sculpture

1st Place – Deb Neumayer, Hard to Hold

2nd Place – Roger L. Alexander, Rustic Chair

Adult Painting

1st Place – Stew Salowitz, Hidden Stream

2nd Place – Yvonne Hoop, Dale’s Abstraction

*PLEASE NOTE: Following the closing of the exhibition, all artwork must be picked up between April 12-16. 

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