First Last Artist Category Title Medium Title Medium


Cathie Haab Adult Solar Flair Fiber/Textile Quiet Cove Painting
Melanie Shellito Adult Tattered Evolution Fiber/Textile
Didi Skidmore Adult Something So Indisputably Beautiful Fiber/Textile
Cal Benedict Adult Japanese Learns Sam #0012/Linus #00012 Graphics
Michelle Brongo Adult Autumn Vibes Graphics
Megan Garcia Cowie Adult Mom; I’m Full Graphics
Lisa Green Adult Opening Pandora's Box Graphics
Natalie Maloy Adult From the cocoon Graphics Cavern of the heart Graphics
Andrew Palmer Adult Walking in the Prince Creek Formation Graphics
Meghan Roller Adult TT Graphics Smoky Mountains Painting
Becky Altic Adult Lake District, UK Painting Twilight Painting
Jyoti Anant Adult Turtle's Voyage - Depths of Tranquility Painting
Kendra Baca Adult Thank you Painting
Eileen Backman Adult Sleepy Kitty Painting
Kathryn Bell Adult Field Worker, Maui 1946 Painting
Christine Bennett-Weber Adult Brown-Headed Nuthatch Painting Mary Jane Sculpture
Dave Buxton Adult Green Vase with Zinnias Painting
Carmen Chase Adult Shades of Summer Painting
Thomas Clemens Adult Trout Stream Painting
Elizabeth Drinan Adult September vineyard Painting Hidden Creek Bridge Painting
John Fitzgerald Adult Lost Youth Painting
Allyson Frink Adult Where the Pavement Ends. (Gouache) Painting Transient Luminosity. (Pastel) Painting
Sara Gentry Adult Great Blue Heron Painting
Dustin Goodrich Adult Comfortably Confused Painting
Marlene Gregor Adult “PAY DAY” Painting
Sean-Thomas Gunnell Adult The Morrison #1 Painting
Gina Hechinger Adult Boulder opal Painting
Susan Holifield Adult Breath of Sunshine Painting For Your health Painting
Alexa Jared Adult Perk Up Painting
Mikiya Jones Adult Peace and Protection Painting
Sarah Larison Adult Splash Painting
Dongmei Luo Adult Heroine Painting
Ramona Manuel Adult Winter Walk Painting
Sharlis Mecagni Adult Lotus Visit Painting
Kalyani Mudumba Adult Stellar Nights of Egypt Painting
Carl Olson Adult Ketchikan Painting
Jennifer Pawlak Adult Lady-slipper Orchid Painting
Janet Puntoni Adult MOOSE Painting
Greg Roling Adult Pitcher Plant Painting
Stew Salowitz Adult Light ornaments Painting
Tricia Shaw Adult Ludington beach Painting Blossoms Sculpture
Alex Smith Adult “Haelp” Painting
Kristine Stayton Adult Thaw Painting
Natalie Troyer Adult Coffee Table Series Painting Beyond the Woods Painting
Undra Uphoff Adult Charlotte' Painting
Alexis Walter Adult Eudemonia Painting
Jane Wilson Adult Smoke Break at L’Entrevue Painting McClure House in Winter Painting
Frances Zimmerman Adult Free Rein Painting Avalanche Lake Painting
Yolanda Alonso Adult October Photography/New Media September Photography/New Media
Jayme Banzhoff Adult Chicago Photography/New Media
Pam Beeson Adult Misty Cow Photography/New Media Bowl of Cherries Photography/New Media
Laurie Bergner Adult Fishing in the Congo River Photography/New Media Children in Tea Fields Photography/New Media
Kevin Callis Adult Camp One Photography/New Media
Theresa Chambers Adult Dolphin Photography/New Media
Joel Eagles Adult American Dream Photography/New Media Transit Photography/New Media
Gary Fern Adult Spring-Rt MM- Miller County, MO Photography/New Media
Jeanne Graves Adult Elmwood Photography/New Media
Dave Harris Adult Oxbow Overlook Sunrise Photography/New Media
Kirsten Heteji Adult Dripping Echoes Photography/New Media
Mia Jazo-Harris Adult Low Tide at Montaña de Oro Photography/New Media Rocky McDonald Lake Sunset - Glacier National Park Painting
Jeffrey Keller Adult Lonely Red Bard Photography/New Media
Mardell Klasen Adult Foggy Morn at Angler's Photography/New Media Nature Nurturing Painting
darlene miller Adult Hanging on to yesterday Photography/New Media
Vinay Mokashi Adult Eye Contact! Photography/New Media
Andrea Shine Adult Balboa Photography/New Media
Ray Silva Adult Beach Combers Photography/New Media
Mark Swanson Adult Bird Dream Photography/New Media Reflection Photography/New Media
Vickie Fitzgerald Adult Idyllic Tower Sculpture Green Man Sculpture
Allison Harris Adult Illinois Beauty Sculpture "Make a Collection," They Said Sculpture
Gina LaMonica Adult Steam Punkin Sculpture A Bluebird's Life Graphics
Jim Mosley Adult Mainstream Sculpture
Deb Neumayer Adult All Is Not As It Seems Sculpture
Mike Rodino Adult Prickly Pearody Sculpture
Kris Segneri Adult The water took him Sculpture
Andrea Whitesell Adult Moon Dust Sculpture
Krista Wolf Adult Anthem Sculpture
James Woodburn Adult Dining Table Sculpture


Amy Chiappetta College This Beautiful Fantastic Graphics
Jack Miller College “‘Ivan the Terrible and His Son’ or ‘Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan: An Impression of the Masterwork by Ilya Repin’” Graphics The Solemn Dignity of Hinmatóowyalahtq̓it (Chief Joesph) Graphics
Tianna Bond College Grandiose Mundane Graphics
Alexandra Cox College Zombie at the Gas Station in Allen County Graphics My Emotional Support Bottle of Siracha Graphics
Demi Hoffman College Grandiose Mundane Drawing Graphics
Rebecca Kelly College Folds Graphics
Emmry King College Drapery in Charcoal Graphics
Jacob Levin College Wow, It's Bright Graphics
James McGurk College Service Dog Graphics LEČO Video
Molly Meyer College Radishes Graphics
Anna Moore College Static insomnia Graphics
Spencer Ray College Never Meant to Land Graphics A Piece Offering to the Body that Holds Me Sculpture
Emma Schumacher College Stay Graphics
Alex Seehuus College Ugh! Graphics
Logan Shaw College Hold On Tight Graphics
Atlas Sturrock College Untitled: Self portrait Graphics Death in the springtime Graphics
Otis Buras College Reincarnation Painting Phonographs for enjoyment Graphics
Linnea Dennhardt College Holding it together Painting June 24, 2022 Painting
Marie Grimm College Engulfed by The Eternal Snow Painting Saturated Summer Graphics
Emma Munson College Candy Painting
Kathryn Novotny College Untitled Painting Betta Fish Sculpture
Melanie Portnov College Chains Painting Fasciated Orchid Series Sculpture
Greta Springer College Time’s Sobriety Painting
Madison Virden College Conflicted Painting The Orange Painting
Kolin Wilkins College Falling Back On Nothing To Fall Back On Painting Jason and The Color Theory Man Painting
Lindsey Basham College Bubble Photography/New Media
Jacqueline Buehler College Looking in Photography/New Media
Sarah Eckstine College Sarah (Self Portrait) Photography/New Media Woven Light Photography/New Media
Javier Fialek College Lonely bar Photography/New Media
Jenna Germano College The Book of Yearning Photography/New Media
Miles Howley College Rest Stop Photography/New Media
Mario Johnson College STL 2080 Photography/New Media
Gage Langellier College Deconstruct Snail (Gelatin Silver Print) Photography/New Media The Park Photography/New Media
Micah Manternach College Sleeping Nymph in Monet's Garden Photography/New Media The Momentary Seraph Photography/New Media
Lydia McNiff College "untitled" Photography/New Media
Jade Nguyen College Blessing Photography/New Media Market Still life Photography/New Media
Samuel Okewole College Faith Photography/New Media
Emily Pounder College Torn Photography/New Media
Zo Russell College Adventures In the Woods Photography/New Media
Michelle Soukup College Musician Photography/New Media
Emilia Stickrod College rotten Photography/New Media chains Graphics
Audrey Tutty College Commercial Style Photography/New Media
Guinevere Chapin College Teapot in the Likeness of Karl Trinkenschuh the Clown Sculpture

 IanCooper  CollegeArtifact 01 Sculpture   
Andrés Dominguez Fernandez College Crying Cholo’s Familia Sculpture
Ashlyn King College Decaying Tranquility Sculpture Stacking Paper Graphics
Alyssa Nourie College Do you really want to know? Sculpture c i a o Graphics
Lauren Vandiver College The Space Between Sculpture
Lucas Walker College Bowl Sculpture


Alex Clouseg High school Puffin Graphics
Emma Hall High school Never Ending Cycle Graphics
Taylor Hartley High school Perseus and medusas head Graphics Peaceful night Painting
Addison Koonce High school The Director Graphics
Ellasyn Loudenburg High school Sugar Rush Graphics
Laney Maloy High school Charcoal Study Graphics Duncans Ghost Photography/New Media
Shreya Mokashi High school Metamorphic Butterflies Graphics Tagore - An art legend! Graphics
Raquel Sanchez-Camarena High school Forever, Friends Graphics
Anne Simpson High school John Wayne Graphics
Laura Wilkinson High school Playtime Graphics
Reagan Barrett High school Lana Del Rey Painting
Emily Broadfield High school Self Portrait collage Painting 2pt perspective kitchen Graphics
Izzy Burger High school Still Life Painting
Ashlyn Connell High school Fixed Painting
Maria Moore High school Hamish Painting
Emersyn Moore High school Unspoken Painting 1969 Painting
Ruthie Neuhaus High school Memories of Home Painting
Jessica Penn High school Over the Edge Painting
Abbey Rademacher High school Reaching for what is lost Painting Beautiful Stranger Painting
Haley Schemmel High school An artists stars Painting
Leah Thompson High school Salvation Painting
Hailey Warfel High school Grandpa's Chevy Painting
Mary Doll High school Pressure Photography/New Media
Hayden Matthews High school Narcissus Photography/New Media
Vivian Wright High school Surrounded by Sound Photography/New Media The Hive Graphics
Oliver Oscar Grant High school Horrible Flesh Cube Sculpture
Rylee Mosier High school Chunky Jewelry Set Sculpture

The 97th Annual McLean County Amateur Art Exhibition will open on March 1st, 2024.
The Awards Ceremony will be on Saturday, March 2nd at 1 PM.

All accepted artists will be notified via email by Noon on February 14th, 2024. 

Featuring work by high school, university, and adult artists, this juried exhibition highlights the diverse creativity of our community. Professional artists external to the MCAC serve as paid jurors.

All submitted works will be juried and judged for cash merit awards based on the artist category (high school, university, or adult) and by their medium (painting, graphics, photography/new media, sculpture, fiber/textile, and video). 

At the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 1st, 33 awards will be presented, totaling over $2,000 in cash prizes. Each year, the Best of Show Merwin Medal is awarded to the most outstanding artwork, and the Ashley C. Ritter Most Promising Art Award is given to the artist exhibiting the most future potential.

Guidelines for Application

  1. An "amateur" artist can be many things -- for the purpose of this exhibition, we broadly define an amateur artist as anyone whose primary source of income is not generated by their art. 
  2. Each artist may submit up to two artworks for consideration by the jury. The artworks can be in two different mediums, but please note that each individual only has two submission opportunities -- not two submissions per medium. 
  3. If a collaborative artwork is to be submitted, all contributing artists must be listed on the submission. Collaborative artworks will still count as one of an artist's two submission opportunities. 
  4. As this is a community exhibition, the artworks submitted must be appropriate for all ages. 
  5. All artwork must be original to the submitting artist. Submitting work that is a reproduction, plagiaristic, or misrepresentative in nature is grounds for dismissal from the exhibition and may result in future restrictions for application. 
  6. Submitted work(s) must have been produced by the artist within the last three years. 
  7. All pieces (unless sculptural) must be wired for hanging. We will not hang work with sawtooth hangers or otherwise not installation-ready.
  8. All exhibiting artwork is considered for sale unless marked "NFS". The MCAC utilizes a standard 40/60 gallery price policy (40% of the sale goes to the gallery, and 60% of the sale goes to the artist). Please price your work with this in mind. 
  9. A non-refundable application fee of $5 per artwork entered can be made through the application form. If you need help completing the form, please email us at info@mcac.org, call us at 309-829-0011, or visit us in person at the MCAC (601 N. East St Bloomington, IL 61701). 

Important Dates

Application Deadline: Noon, February 9th, 2024

Date of Notification: February 14th, 2024

Accepted Art Drop-Off Dates:

  • Saturday, February 17th, noon to 4 pm
  • Monday, February 19th, noon to 4 pm
  • Tuesday, February 20th, noon to 4 pm 
  • Wednesday, February 21st, noon to 4 pm
  • Thursday, February 22nd, noon to 4 pm
  • Friday, February 23rd, noon to 4 pm
  • Saturday, February 24th, noon to 4 pm

Note: All pieces (unless sculptural) must be wired for hanging. We will not hang work with sawtooth hangers or otherwise not installation-ready.

Exhibition Dates: March 1 - April 24th, 2024

Award Ceremony: Saturday, March 2nd at 1 pm 

Accepted Art Pick-Up Dates: April 25th - May 4th (during MCAC's regularly scheduled hours)

*Any items not picked up within 30 days from the closing of the show will be considered property of the McLean County Arts Center.

Mission Statement: We encourage and promote the appreciation, study, cultivation, development, and practice of art for the benefit of all the people, cultures and communities of McLean County. 

        "This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council through federal funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts"

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