Summer Art Challenge: Cardboard Sculptures

Today we are building and we are using your old cardboard from the recycling! There's no wrong way to build a cardboard sculpture, we've provided a few pictures to give you some inspiration but the key is to cut out the cardboard into shapes, give them a coat of fun paint (splatter paint them, give them designs, leave them one solid color) or color them with markers and then make sure you give them a couple deep cuts on their different sides and let the building begin! Check out the examples below, the square and triangle ones remind me more of mountains, the round flower example reminds me more of cells and molecules. Do this together as a family and see how big a sculpture you can create!

We would love to see your work! Please send us a photograph of your cardboard sculpture by Sunday, August 2nd to our email at and we will share your work with our MCAC community. 

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