Stay Home Art Challenge: Sugar Creek Art Heads

The Virtual Sugar Creek Arts Festival is almost here!! We will celebrate with online music sessions, videos from amazing artists and we have a fun Scavenger Hunt taking place all week! So, we are making our weekly Art Challenges Sugar Creek themed too. And today's challenge is Papier Mâché Art Heads!

I love all things Sugar Creek but nothing makes me smile more than seeing the big Art Heads coming down the street. These were masterfully crafted by the MCAC's own Doug Johnson and are works of art but Papier Mâché can be easily made and you can make your own Sugar Creek Art Head at home this week!

Start this project by choosing who you would like to sculpt. (Mona Lisa, The Scream, a Picasso) Next get your supplies ready, Cardboard, scissors or a Xacto knife, masking tape, lots of newspaper, Papier Mâché mix (equal parts flour and water mixed till smooth), Mod Podge, Paints and a brush. You should also note that this project will take a couple of days, you will need to apply multiple layers of paper mâché and each layer must dry before the next layer is applied. See the instructions form below for construction. 

Basically, you will make a cylinder of cardboard that fits around your head, without going over the shoulders. The cylinder should cover their entire head and extend around 4-5 inches above the top of their heads, when worn. The remaining construction steps involve using cardboard and newspaper to secure the form and sculpt the face. The sculpting consists of crumpling the newspaper into different shapes and securing it on the head with tape. Then cover the entire form in tape to give it a smoother surface on which to add the paper mâché. Just remember, it's all about those layers, the cardboard, tape, newspaper, more take, paper mâché, mod podge and paint are all layers and will help you create your perfect Sugar Creek Art Head. And with these hot days, this is a perfect indoor activity to keep your busy.

Because this is a bigger challenge we are giving you the whole week to share your Sugar Creek Art Heads with us. Please send us a photograph of your artwork by Saturday, July 11th to our email at and we will share your work with our MCAC community. 

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Updated on: July 09, 2020
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