Stay Home Art Challenge: Jasper Johns Flags

It's almost the 4th of July!! Celebrate the holiday with a fun (and educational) art activity! This is the perfect project to inspire critical thinking, thoughtful discussion, and creativity. Jasper Johns (born in 1930, and currently age 90) is an American artist. His work fits in to many different art movements including Dada, Pop Art, Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism. His collage/paintings of the American flag are some of his most famous works. Being an American can be a complicated thing... back in the 1960's when he created this art, and even now in 2020. Johns' flag paintings bring up several provocative topics of conversation... "What does it mean to be an American?" "Is this art patriotic or does it question authority?" "Is it disrespectful to include things like newspaper clippings in a painting of the American flag?"

Today's Art Challenge, create your own Jasper Johns American Flag! Once you've looked at the different Flag paintings from Johns and had a conversation about some of the interesting questions it brings up, it's time to get out the art supplies and do some flag art of your own! Create a collage, paint a flag, take a picture, use fiber to crochet or knit something. You are invited to create art similar to what you've seen here in Jasper Johns' Flag, or to try something new. When you have a chance to think about your choices and make some decisions for yourself... that's when the magic happens!

We would love to see your work! Please send us a photograph of your Flag Artwork by Saturday, July 4th to our email at and we will share your work with our MCAC community. 

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Updated on: July 02, 2020
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