Stay Home Art Challenge: Sugar Fireworks

Today's Challenge come from the MCAC's Kimberly Babin. With the Sugar Creek Virtual Art Festival just around the corner (July 11th) Kimberly thought it would be fun to focus on some of the "sweet things in life". (Sweet like sugar... Sugar Creek.) And with the 4th of July just around the corner we thought it was the perfect time to make Sugar Fireworks! You will need Paper (Dark colored paper will really make the fireworks stand out) Cookie Sheet, Glue, Sugar or Salt, Watercolors, Markers or Food Coloring and a Paint Brush. 

First, place your paper on the cookie sheet or tray. Next, draw your fireworks with your glue. (See the picture below for an example.) While the glue is still wet you will want to shake the sugar or salt onto the glue fireworks, covering all the glue. (The cookie sheet helps from creating a big mess.) Once the glue is dry, you can pick the paper up and dust off the excess sugar or salt. Now it's time to get creative and add your colors with the watercolors, markers or food coloring. Make them red white and blue or create a beautiful rainbow of colors!

We would love to see your work! Please send us a photograph of your Sugar Fireworks by Tuesday, June 30th to our email at and we will share your work with our MCAC community. 

6 photo(s) Updated on: July 03, 2020
  • Susan Wiechman
  • These are photograms of dried alliums that resemble fire crackers. Fariba Murray
  • Dried alliums that resemble fire crackers. Fariba Murray
  • Photogram (3) of dried alliums that resemble fire crackers. Fariba Murray
  • Parth
  • Komal
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