Traverse: Megan Kathol Bersett and Tyler Lotz

  • January 18, 2019
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

January 11– February 15, 2019

Artist Reception: Friday, January 18, 5-7pm

Megan Kathol Bersett uses acrylic paint and collage to visually process conflicting elements that occur in daily life. These might be the flow between attention and distraction, or a dissonant emotional state that persists during a social encounter. The artist evokes these types of relationships and states through the interactions of shape and space using camouflage techniques. Abstract pattern and geological metaphors further complicate the visual activity in the work, alluding to the ongoing need to refocus and reconsider one’s perceptions and actions in relation to the outside world.

Tyler Lotz Ceramic works are about abstraction, a longing for wilderness, and failed attempts at conjuring personal experiences he has had in the landscape. He uses a playful variety of glazes and application techniques to create a surface that alters our perception of the angular and organic ceramic forms. Incorporating both casting and hand forming techniques, the sculptures have the sensibility of synthetic, fabricated and built objects and environments.

Generously Sponsored by Susan Emmerson.

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