During our current lockdown we are offering free watercolor classes, via YouTube and Zoom, for our community. 

I do ask that you register for the class here

This is an introduction to watercolor painting. Topics will include materials, basic techniques, and tips and tricks.  We will look at historical and contemporary artists, as well and color selection and compositional choices. 

I expect to post a series of ten-minute videos followed by scheduled zoom meetings for critiques, discussion, and review. 

I've compiled a list of course materials for your course at https://www.dickblick.com to make it easier for you to prepare for the class. It will be available to you throughout the course.

See you in class!
Doug Johnson

My recommended class supply list:  https://www.dickblick.com/lists/blicku/H81112GIC1X4J/items/

Lesson One: Introduction to Watercolor

The English Watercolor Method

In 'pure' watercolor painting no white is used. Instead, patches or spots of white paper are left unpainted to depict white objects or reflected light. Color tones and atmospheric effects are achieved by staining the paper when wet with varying amounts of color pigments. Referred to as a 'wash', this technique can also be used to minimize or erase individual brush strokes, or to create large areas of similar color (eg. blue sky). The artist controls the effects of these washes by varying the dilution of the pigments. 

Examples of the English Method

John Sell Cotman, Greta Bridge, circa 1824

John Thirtle, Shore Scene with Sailing Ship at Quay, circa 1820

Lesson Two: Value and Mixed Grays

Lesson Three: Building a Painting Step by Step in the English watercolor method

This lesson demonstrates creating a painting with the traditional English Watercolor Method using only the colors Indigo, Indian Red, and Gamboge.

Lesson Four: A quick painting with a limited palette

In this lesson we continue with a quicker painting using a limited palette. Use the photograph below as a source image.  We will be hosting a couple zoom meeting to troubleshoot and share our progress!


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