past Exhibitions 


Traverse: Megan Kathol Bersett & Tyler Lotz

January 11 - February 15, 2019
Sponsored by Susan Emmerson

Armstrong GALLERY

In Contrast: Jeff Bess

January 11 - February 15, 2019
Sponsored by Gay Dolan


Marisa Boyd

January 11 - February 15, 2019

BRANDT and Armstrong GALLERies

Holiday Treasures

November 2 - December 30, 2018
Sponsored by Julius Alexander, Mary Anderson, Anne and Brian Boyden, Julia David Law Firm LLC, The Family of Jackie Dolan, Richard and Diana Finch, Ruth Ann and Steve Friedberg, Peggy Hundley, Mike and Alexis Kalish, Anne and Steve Matter, Cathy Pratt and Dave Templeton, Kim and Pam Raymond, and the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts

Artist Residency Workshops:

Mandy Roeing (pastel) Thursday, Nov. 1st – Saturday, Nov. 3rd

Kara Kirchner (felting) Wednesday, Nov. 7th – Saturday, Nov. 10th

Natalie Wetzel (encaustic/mixed media painting) Wednesday, Nov. 14th – Saturday, Nov. 17th

Holiday Treasures Reception, Thursday, Nov. 15th from 5-8pm

Heather Evert (temari Japanese embroidery) Wednesday, Nov. 21st – Thursday, Nov. 29th

Krystal Lyon (mixed media sculpture) Friday, Nov. 30th – Saturday, Dec. 8th

Whitney Johnson (mixed media painting/collage) Wednesday, Dec. 12th – Saturday, Dec. 15th


A practice in permanence

September 7 - October 18, 2018
The exhibit includes works from Christopher Cohoon (painter/mixed media), Christopher Hagen (printmaker and bookmaker), Claudia Husband (printmaker and textile designer), Whitney Johnson (plant materials/mixed media), Kira Santiago (organic flower farmer and floral designer), Melanie Scott-Dockery (mixed media), and Chris Wille(New Technology/mixed media artist).

Armstrong GALLERY

Alice lee

September 7 - October 18, 2018


Student artists of the mclean county arts center

September 7 - October 18, 2018

Brandt Gallery

Jim Arendt                                                                  

August 3 – September 1, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, August 3, 5 – 7 pm

Armstrong Gallery

Nick Satinover                                                          

August 3 – September 1, 2018           

Opening Reception: Friday, August 3, 5 – 7pm

Generously sponsored by Kathy and Jim Butler, Diana and Richard Finch, and Paul and Sandra Harmon.

Sales Gallery

 Eric Benson and FreshPress

Brandt Gallery


Revisiting Rockwell by Maggie Meiners                 

June 22 – July 28, 2018              

Opening Reception: Friday, June 22, 5 – 7 pm

Sponsored by Yvonne & Brian Hoop

Meiners’ project, Revisiting Rockwell, attempts to contemporize Rockwell’s original works by weaving into each photograph the social issues and elements more suggestive of today. She is examining whether the nostalgia of Rockwell’s work translates into our rapidly changing lifestyles and how his very human tableaux can reflect this moment in time. She is drawn to Rockwell’s work because she has always had a fascination with the past and ends up having a better understanding of the world if she looks at the old in the context of the new. As she continues to examine Rockwell’s work, she has noticed, for better or worse, that while sociological landscape  has changed in many ways, there is much that remains the same.

Armstrong Gallery




Lunacy: A group exhibition                                                       

May 4 – June 16, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, May 4, 5 – 7 pm

The invitational show titled Lunacy emphasizes the drama of light in nocturnal, lunar, space, stars, distance, and occasional madness of artworks from a select group of Illinois artists including:      Ali Akyuz & Kayla Hueneburg Akyuz, Les Allen, Sheila Asbell Allen, Angel Ambrose, Gary Beaumont, Jessica Benjamin, Rick Boschulte, Jan Brandt collaboration with Lucas Stiegman, James Butler, Cathie Crawford, Ian Crawley, Herb Eaton, Cathy Engberg, Gerard Erley, Dennis French, Alfonso Gosalbez, Graehound, Harold Gregor, Claire Hedden, Carole Hennessy, Jonathan Higgins, Gary Justis, Jeff Little, Carmen Lozar, Melissa Oresky, Lyle Salmi, Rosalyn Schwartz, AJ Art Slut, Tim Stone, Torri Thompson, and Janusz Walentynowicz.


       Gary Beaumont , Oceanic, Planet X, Ice Planet

Thank you to Kevin Kuebler for the generous sponsorship!

Armstrong Gallery


Peter Bushell 

DECONSTRUCT   I   ACCORD                                                       

May 4 – June 16, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, May 4, 5 – 7 pm

Bushell's current creative efforts challenge the norms of letter forms and letterpress printing. Instead of utilizing type as words and paragraphs to be read, he explores individual letterforms as elements of abstract compositions allowing letters to fall off the page. The visual results are dynamic and colorful abstractions which push the conventional letter forms away from familiarity.

Sales Gallery

Cathie Haab                 

Wingding: Some Small Quilts                                                      

May 4 – June 16, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, May 4, 5 – 7 pm

Cathie Haab is a quilter and artist from Hudson, Illinois. Preferring colorful printed fabric, she makes contemporary quilts which express her thoughtfully humorous take on common human experiences of discovery, doubt, life journey and just plain fun.

The quilts depict some humor, some fun, some encouragement to hope, some different color combinations as something unique to see and think about. The movement conveyed in the quilts is inspired by the fun and freedom birds have in flight, the motion of spinning and twirling, and even the sensation of vertigo which may come in celebration or working through despair.


91st Annual Amateur Exhibition

March 2 - April 21, 2018

Merwin Medal – Best of Show – Jeanna Campbell, ISU Graduate School of Social Work, “#sayhername”

Ashley Ritter Most Promising Art Award – Luci Bianco, Heyworth High School, “Grateful”

HIGH SCHOOL                   1st PLACE                                             2nd PLACE

Graphics              Madyson Fosdick                                             Cecilia Fosen

                          Heyworth HS, “Mistress”                                     Lexington HS, “Self-Portrait”      

Painting               Laura Westpfahl                                              Olivia Frank

                    Normal Community HS, “Progression”                     Bloomington HS, “What’s Underneath”

Photography      Hayley Dralle                                                    Colleen Hayes

                    Bloomington HS, “Exertion”                                    Central Catholic HS, “Beyond the Surface”

Sculpture             Ashley Spencer                                                Bree Maze

                   Heyworth HS, “Open Up”                                           Normal West HS, “Steam Punk Box”


UNIVERSITY                       1st PLACE                                                 2nd PLACE

Graphics                     Felicia Cannon                                                  Aianna Zachary

                       Illinois State, “Smoke Blush”                                Heartland Com. College, “Self Portrait”

Painting                     Alissa Palmer                                                    Annie Otto

                   Illinois State, “untitled”                                                         Illinois State, “The Siblings”

Photography             Lucas Stiegman                                            Brianna Lehnen

                    Illinois State, “Boxed In”                                          Heartland Com. College, “la femme d’or”

Sculpture                   Sarah Hurley                                              Mary Beth Breshears

                     Heartland Com. College, “Elevate”                                Illinois State, “Sunny Day Shrivel”

ADULT                                  1st PLACE                                                2nd PLACE

Graphics                   Amber Gravett                                           Sean-Thomas Gunnell

                                  Bloomington, “Cat in Motion”                                  Bloomington, “Herne, the Horned God”

Painting                   Mardell Klasen                                                 Lizzie Lindenbaum

                                 Bloomington, “On a Fall Day”                                                  Chicago, “Good Earth”

Photography            Michael O'Brien                                               Georgi Baird

                                 Downs, “American Citizen”                                              Bloomington, “Magical Morning”

Sculpture               Catherine Haab                                                Eunjung Schantz

                                Hudson, “Cosmic Gyre”                                                 Normal, “Tea Pot”

Entries received:            Entries accepted:

HIGH SCHOOL                    98                                                           26

UNIVERSITY                       75                                                           27

ADULT                              114                                                          40

                           Total      287                        Total      93

Juror’s Statement

It was such an honor to jury the 91st Annual McLean County Amateur Art Competition and Exhibition. The work submitted was incredibly strong, and it was a challenge to make final selections. The time I spent with the works was inspiring, and gave me great confidence in the future and reputation of art and artists working in McLean County and Central Illinois. Everyone who submitted should be proud of their accomplishments. Congratulations to those artists included, and I look forward to seeing your continued creative output!                         

                                                                                Jeff Robinson


Armstrong Gallery

 Jeff Robinson   March 2 – April 21, 2018

Jeff Robinson is an artist and curator based in both Chicago and Springfield, Illinois. He received his MFA degree from Illinois State University in 2011. Robinson has exhibited at venues that include RomanSusan (Chicago), Ski Club (Milwaukee), Rosalux Gallery (Minneapolis), Outhaus (Urbana), and E. Tay (New York). His work has been published in New American Paintings and Manifest Gallery’s International Painting Annual. His work has been featured on Daily Serving, in NewCity Magazine (Chicago), and in the Riverfront Times (St. Louis), among others. In 2014, he received an Individual Artist Support Grant from the Illinois Arts Council. Robinson has worked as artist-in-residence at Ragdale (2017) and ACRE (2017). In addition to his studio practice, Robinson serves as Instructor of Art at the University of Illinois Springfield, as Director of the UIS Visual Arts Gallery, and as co-director (and co-founder) of DEMO Project.

Sales Gallery


Jinghua Zeng

            March 2 – April 21, 2018                 

            Opening Reception: Sunday, March 4, 2 pm

At the age of 92 years old, Ms. Jinghua Zeng continues to be very passionate in her practice of Chinese calligraphy.  Since immigrating to Bloomington twenty years ago, she has sought out many opportunities to promote Chinese culture in the United States.  She has demonstrated her calligraphy skills at various international fairs at Illinois State University, the Heartland Community College Chinese School, a local Chinese martial arts school and McLean County Arts Center Holiday Treasure event.  Her art contains many distinguished characters, including those that are powerful, playful and elegant, as well as several different calligraphy fonts that trace back 2,300 years of Chinese history.  Community members across the area have enjoyed her art on college campuses, in business offices, and in homes.

Ms. Jinghua Zeng is a retired professor and served as the Chair of the Education Department at the Guangxi Teachers’ College in Nanning, China.  She is a well-respected scholar featured in the “Chinese Academic Who’s Who” publication.

Dann Nardi / from the studio

 January 12—February 17, 2018

     Opening Reception: Friday, January 19, 5—7 pm

       Gallery Talk: Thursday, February 15, 6—7 pm

 Generously Sponsored by Julius and Sue Alexander


Armstrong Gallery

Boundary Layer

 Photographs by Nancy Fewkes and Sculptures by Laura Primozic

       January 12—February 24, 2018

     Opening Reception: Friday, January 19, 5—7 pm

Sales Gallery


Molly Markow

       January 12—February 24, 2018

     Opening Reception: Friday, January 19, 5—7 pm

Exhibition Archive


point | line | shape | form

Thin Deep Ribbon - Scott Rankin

Dualities - Carolina Rodriguez

Alighted - Stephanie Roberts

90th Amateur Art Exhibition

Spring is on the Wing - Deanna Frautschi

Nuclear Tourism - Nate Matthews

Welcome to Hard Times (East Texas Pinholes) - Vaughn Wascovich

To the Sacred Grove - Cynthia Kukla

Lose the Feeling - Heather Brammeier

Figura Autem A Femina - Krystal Lyon

KodaRoamers Camera Club

MCAC Board Members & Staff

Harold Boyd

Rhea Edge

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Elemental- Doug DeWitt

89th Amateur Art Exhibition

Altered Portraits - Monica Estabrook

Bravo Charlie Alpha - Kevin Goodrich

Emerging Illinois Artists

The View from Here - 4 Photographers of McLean County



tread lightly my dear, for you tread on my dreams - Dawn Gettler

40 Years NEW

Behind Every Print

Holiday Treasures

Flora - Colleen McCall, Julie Nelson, Matt Urban

Abstracted Landscapes - Dick Folse



Contemporary Portraiture -Margaret LeJeune, Rick Lewis, Jason Patterson

Self is a River - Mel Keiser, Nicole White, Chris Wille

88th Amateur Art Exhibition

Kaye Buchman

Know You - Benjamin & Delaney Demott

Near & Far

Illinois Quiltscape

Contemporary Quilts - Mary Jo Bowers

Art in Nature

Memory of Water - Brian Frink

Observance - Bethany Carlson, Dawn Gettler, Ann Coddington Rast

Animalia - Carlene Dingman Atwater, Kara Kirchner, CJ Niehaus

Holiday Treasures

The Corner of my Eye - Dale C. Evans


Brian Patrick Franklin

Kevin Strandberg

87th Amateur Art Exhibition

Jodi Birdwell

Jason Reblando

Emmerson, Sheese, & Stolle

Kowalczyk & Swanson

Lofgren & Somers

Film Noir- KodaRoamers Camera Club



Preserving ParkLands

Holiday Treasures

Charles Timken

Somatic- Brooks, Lotz, & Rubin


Harold Gregor

86th Amateur Art Exhibition

Andrew Huot & Angela Pease

Tommy Reyes

Emerging Illinois Artists

Define Drawing


125th Celebration

Stephen Cartwright

Discover ParkLands

Holiday Treasures

Matthew Holt

Donald Lake


Jin Lee & Rhondal McKinney

John Cassidy

85th Amateur Art Exhibition

Connie Estep

Dennis French

Matt Moyer

In Your Neighborhood

Figure Drawing

Timothy van Laar

O’Donnell & Chalmers 

Made By Hands

Holiday Treasures

Vase as Voice

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