The McLean County Arts Center is now seeking applicants for the role of Education Coordinator.  Applications will be received through October 9, 2018.

Here are the General Responsibilities of the Education Coordinator at the McLean County Arts Center

Attend education program committee meetings, make progress towards goals set by the committee.

Plan and Schedule classes and workshops for children, young adults, and adults and maintain production schedule and quality classes.

Recruit, select, and evaluate instructors, create class packets for instructors. Conduct background checks on new instructors. Train instructors on MCAC course expectations, policies, and procedures. Monitor, review, and evaluate instructor performance based on observations, student written evaluations, and written parent evaluations. Prepare instructor contracts and prepare requested materials for instructors.

Provide documentation for the education program, grants, newsletters, website, and press materials for distribution.

Serve as a resource for instructors by maintaining a file of the course curriculum.

Track Budget: Document expenses and develop a budget plan to ensure a financially sustainable education program.  Purchase requested materials, if feasible, for each class via mail order or locally. We often order from Dick Blick, Daniel Smith, Rio Grande (for jewelry), and Sax Arts & crafts.  All catalogs are located in the shelves above the desk.  Communicate instructor payment schedule and compile information for accounting.

Teacher Programs: Monitor the CPDU credits for the Illinois State Board of Education. Register certain classes with the ISBE. Maintain paperwork required for teachers to earn CPDU credit. This is all done via e-mail and passwords and documents can be found in the CPDU folder.

Classroom Maintenance: Clean necessary spaces, organize supplies, and organize space as necessary for certain types of classes.

Work with Curator to develop educational programs to support the exhibitions and assist with day to day operations of the MCAC.

Pay starts at $13 per hour, with the expectation that the staff member work 20 hours per week on site.  While we do not offer benefits, we do have paid vacation and a flexible work schedule. Applicants with a Bachelors Degree and transferrable experience are encouraged to apply. A degree in art is appreciated, but not required for this role. 

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