Stay Home Art Challenge:  Giacometti Foil Figures

Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti lived from 1901 to 1966. While he was gifted at drawing and painting, he is most known for his tall, thin figures made of bronze. "The rough, eroded, heavily worked surfaces of Three Men Walking (II), 1949, typify his technique. Reduced, as they are, to their very core, these figures evoke lone trees in winter that have lost their foliage. Within this style, Giacometti would rarely deviate from the three themes that preoccupied him—the walking man; the standing, nude woman; and the bust—or all three, combined in various groupings." (Museum of Modern Art) Notice how textured the figures are. Think about how the thin, elongated arms and legs of the people contrast with the strong metal that they are made of. 

In Today's Challenge you will have the chance to create your own Giacometti sculpture from with aluminum foil. Materials needed: A sheet of aluminum foil 1 foot long, (Heavy Duty will work really well.) a marker, a piece of paper and some scissors. Method: First of all take your piece of paper and draw a stick figure in different action positions. (See illustration below) This will help you know how you want to pose your "foil figure" sculpture. Next draw out the guide lines on your piece of aluminum foil (see below) and use your scissors to cut along those lines. Next, use your hands to scrunch up the foil sections to make your person. Once you have an idea of how your foil folds and scrunches you can test out different sections and methods and create all sorts of different figures! Lastly move your foil figure to create some of the stick figures you have drawn. The areas and legs and back and neck will bend easily and your foil figure can be repositioned again and again. 

We would love to see your work. Please send a photograph of your foil figure through our email at by 7:00pm on Wednesday, June 17th and we will share your work with our MCAC community. 

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  • “Dancers” by Ann (adult) & Liam (age 6)
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