Stay Home Art Challenge: "I Spy" Assemblage

Today's Art Challenge comes from the MCAC's new intern Natalie Bready.  This challenge involves a kind of art called assemblage.  This term refers to when an artist gathers up different kinds of objects he or she has or goes out to find, and then arranges together to create a composition.  Assemblage art began developing as an art form in the early 20th century and is practiced by many artists today. Some famous artists who have created assemblage art include Joseph Cornell, Betye Saar, Louise Nevelson, and Robert Rauschenberg.

Materials: any small objects you can find at home, and lots of them!

Directions: This challenge combines assemblage art with the game of “I Spy.”  The rules are simple: gather up as many small objects from your home as you can find, and arrange them together in whatever way you like.  The more objects you use, and the more creatively your objects are arranged, the better!  When you finish your assemblage, take a photo of it from above.  Then select from the photo several of these objects you assembled and write short descriptions about them.  These will be the clues others use to spy your selected objects.  (For example, if you select a paper clip as an “I Spy” object, your clue for it could be, “I spy a shiny object that bends its shape.” 

We would love to see your work. Please send us both your assemblage photograph and clues through our email at by 7:00pm on Tuesday, June 16th and we will share your work with our MCAC community. 

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