Stay Home Art Challenge:  Faith Ringgold Story Quilts

Faith Ringgold is an American artist and auhor who is known for her innovative, quilted narrations like Tar Beach that communicate her political beliefs. In the 1980's, drawing her inspiration from Tibetan art and in honor of her mother’s early influence, Ringgold began a series of quilts that are perhaps her best-known work. She made numerous quilts incorporating text, recycled textiles for borders and intricate stories told through the quilt. Among her narrative quilts are Who’s Afraid of Aunt Jemima (1983) and her most famous offering, Tar Beach (Part 1 from the Woman on the Bridge series (1988), which is now part the Guggenheim Museum's permanent collection. The story shared in Tar Beach is so powerful that it was turned into a children's book that Ringgold illustrated and narrated. (See the video below of Faith reading her book.) CLICK HERE to learn more about Faith Ringgold.

Today's Challenge, create your own City Landscape Quilt... (actually a paper collage) with you in it! You will need construction paper, scissors, markers, crayons or colored pencils, glue and pages from a magazine or book for the borders. In Tar Beach, the little girl puts her family, friends and recognizable buildings or bridges in the quilt. Also, in the story the little girl can fly with the power of the stars. Use your imagination and create a story with your landscape. Create a border with words about your family, your home, your childhood and with clipped pattern squares from the magazines. Who would be at your house? What buildings do you remember from your childhood? Imagine yourself as a child flying over your home, what and who would you see? Tell us a story through your collage. 

We would love to see your work. Please send us a picture of your Ringgold Story Collage through our email at by 7:00pm on Wednesday, June 10th and we will share your work with our MCAC community. 

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  • Shayna age 4
  • Owen age 7
  • Leo, age 5
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