Today’s Stay Home Art Challenge is all about the ready-made sculpture!

Ready-made sculpture toys with the question “What is art?” by making us see objects not normally associated with art in new and interesting ways. This can be done by simply placing an object in a different context, changing its orientation, or combining items that aren’t normally associated with one another.

In the example below, Marcel Duchamp, the father of the ready-made, flipped a bicycle wheel upside down and mounted it to a stool. Artist Rachel Harrison builds on Duchamp’s legacy by combining found objects and materials with constructed forms to create colorful and funny combinations. Try putting playdough, cardboard, or construction paper together with items you find around the house. Shape, mold, stack, turn things inside out or upside down, and have fun!

Submit your finished artwork to by 5 PM on Wednesday. The winner will receive a Papa John’s pizza!

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“Dark Forest”
Otis Blick, Age 7
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