Today's Activity is Tape Transfer Mail Art

It's nice to call or text or even FaceTime or Zoom with a friend or family but it's always special to get a real letter in the mail. And it's even better when the sender creates a mini artwork and sends it, it's a letter you'll want to keep always. In today's activity we will learn how to do a tape transfer and you can use those image transfers on a letter to someone special.

All you need is a magazine, shiny tape (not the matte type) or packing tape, a pair of scissors, a bowl of warm water and a paper towel. Look for some images or patterns in the magazine that you like and place a piece or two of tape over them. (You can smooth them out or if you have wrinkles or air bubbles that can be fun too.) Next you are going to cut out the image with the piece of tape on it and place it in a bowl of warm water and leave it there for a couple of minutes. (See example below) after 3-5 minutes you will see that the paper has already started to separate from the tape leaving the ink on the tape. (If not gently rub the tape with your fingers and peel the paper off the tape.) Lastly dry the tape with a paper towel and place it on the piece of paper you are writing the letter on. (It should still be sticky.) Or you can place it in a journal and write about your day. This is a fun way to collage and it feels like magic when you see the ink stick to the tape.

We would love to see your work. Please send us a picture of your tape transfer through our email at by 5:00pm on Friday, May 22 and we will share your work with our MCAC community. 

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Updated on: May 07, 2020
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