Stay Home Art Challenge 

Found Object Self Portrait… or Pet Portrait

I’m a fan of using recycled and found objects in art, and today we are creating a self portrait or a pet portrait from items around the house. This is part scavenger hunt, part artwork, and part creative photography to catch those objects at just the right angle. (You can see from my example below that it only looks like a face from above.) This is a fun activity for children and adults. So get creative, use flowers and natural items from outside. Use something from the recycle bin or some laundry. Hunt around your house to find just the right items to give you a bit of flair. Create your entire family, recreate your favorite furry friend, or create a new profile picture. 

We would love to see your portraits. Send us a picture by emailing us at by Friday, May 15th at 5:00pm and we will share it with our MCAC community. We can’t wait to see what you create!

4 photo(s) Updated on: May 15, 2020
  • Laurie Swindler
  • Anne Cook's adorable inspiration, "Harold".
  • "Harold" - Anne Cook, Adult
  • Ozzie, 8
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