Stay Home Art Challenge

Zentangle Activity

The MCAC is participating in #MindfulMay and we are using the Stay Home Art Challenge to promote activities that benefit our emotional and mental health. Today’s activity is a Zentangle. What is a Zentangle? A Zentangle is a collection of overlapping patterns. Have you ever zoned out during a class lesson and started to doodle on the side of your notebook? Aimless doodling can be quite meditative and beneficial to our minds. So, we are giving you an excuse to zone out and doodle for 15-30 minutes today with the Zentangle. 

Start by drawing a square. Honestly, you can draw any shape, drawing a shape will give you the boundaries to fill in. (The Original Zentangle squares were 3 ½ inch x 3 ½ inch.) Next, start on one side of shape and draw a free-flowing line that loops and tangles it’s way around the shape. Do you see all those overlapping spaces? That’s what you want to achieve. (See examples below) Now it’s time to doodle. Fill in all the different spaces with different patterns. You can be simple, with waves, zig zags and dots or get more detailed with complex patterns like radiating circles and basket weaving. There are endless possibilities and there’s no wrong way to do this activity. The Zentangle is a great way to empty your mind, let go of any current anxiety and let your creativity flow.

We would love to see your Zentangle. Send us a picture at by 5:00pm on Wednesday, May 13th and we will share it with our MCAC community! 

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Kara Lopez (Adult)
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