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 Today's Artist: Jan Brandt

Jan Brandt is an artist working in mixed-media, textiles, printmaking, and painting. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, both from Illinois State University in Normal, IL. She is the owner of Jan Brandt Gallery located at 1305 Morrissey Drive, Bloomington, IL and curates Visiting Artist Exhibitions in The Guest Room at JBG. Brandt’s work has been shown in San Francisco and Davis, CA, Chicago and surrounding areas, New York City, Oberlin, Ohio, Indianapolis and Evansville, IN, Boston,MA, Champaign- Urbana, and Peoria, IL as well as in her local community of Bloomington- Normal, IL. Her installation work was featured in The Illinois State Museum Galleries of Lockport and Springfield. Selected print and online publications include Create! Magazine, Creative Boom, UPPERCASE, American Art Collector, Studio Visit, Creative Quarterly, the Journal of Art and Design, , fresh contemporary digest, get_imprinted, Poets and Artists “The New Feminists” and “Freak Out”, and The Dialogist. Brandt’s work was featured on the Women’s Caucus for Art website and newsletter in 2017. In 2018, Brandt’s Happy Contagion was exhibited at The Boston Biennial V at Atlantic Works Gallery as The First Prize Winner in the Installation Category. Her work was selected for the “Degrees of Abstraction” group exhibition at The Argonne National Laboratory Gallery 201 in Lemont, IL in 2018. Brandt’s solo work in “Evolving Allusions” was exhibited at The Performing Arts Center Gallery of Illinois Central College in East Peoria, IL November 2018 through January 2019. Brandt is included in a three person show at the McLean County Arts Center opening July 2020.

Recent work by Artist Jan Brandt is an evolving discourse between her imaginative cellular based fiber art installations and the two dimensional format of painting. These works offer a glimpse into Brandt's interests in biology and art since she was a child. The wonderment of looking into the little plastic microscope she received for her birthday presented a spectacular world of color, shape, and life invisible to the naked eye. Her compositions are not literal, rather they are created from her memories of those spectacular images she saw on slides as a little girl. These memories have inspired her to build on that experience of colorful, unexpected life forms.


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