Stay Home Art Challenge, Day 27


The Masterpiece Challenge

The MCAC is joining with galleries and museums around the world with the #CovidClassics Art Challenge. You find a masterpiece by a favorite artist and recreate it with items around your house. When you think about masterpieces think about art that hangs in museums like the Mona Lisa, Monet’s Water Lilies, Munch’s The Scream or a modern classic by Pollock or Warhol, the sky is the limit! Put yourself or your family into the masterpiece or create something using boxes from the cabinet or laundry. Be as crazy and creative as possible! We’ve included a couple examples to give you some ideas.


Please send us a picture of the original masterpiece and a picture of your recreation by Wednesday, April 22 at 5:00pm by emailing us at We can’t wait to see which classic paintings and sculptures you recreate!



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Heather Evert:
Edmund Blair Leighton
Victorian Romanticist/Pre-Raphaelite
A Medieval Beauty
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