Stay Home Challenge, Day 17

Paper Building Challenge

Today’s art challenge is all about structure, balance and design. Let’s see who can build the wackiest, tallest, most colorful structure using just paper. Use the examples to inspire you or think outside the box and get really creative. Any type of paper can be used, card stock and construction paper are strong, but tissue paper might give you some added flair for details. Fold the paper, roll it up, tear it and maybe use a little glue or tape and see what you can come up with! Please submit pictures to by Wednesday at 5:00pm and a winner will be selected to win a pizza from Flingers. All submissions will be shared on our website and on social media.

6 photo(s) Updated on: April 09, 2020
  • Harper, Age 10
  • Andy Tamm, Age 7
  • Michelle Brongo (View 1)
  • Michelle Brongo (view 2)
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  • Michelle Brongo (View 4)
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