The Gummy Bears by Megan Brush. Fans and Forks Example

Stay Home Art Challenge, Day 14
Life Less Ordinary Photography Challenge

We have enjoyed having the Amateur Exhibition up and one piece that always catches my eye is The Gummy Bears by Megan Brush. She presented something ordinary in an unordinary way. So I tried my hand at it with a couple of forks and ended up with a smiley. :)Today's challenge is all about taking a photo of something ordinary in an unordinary way or context. Get creative, get crazy, be funny or profound.

Please submit your entries by emailing them to the Art Center at by 5:00pm on Friday, April 3rd and we will pick a winner later in the week.

11 photo(s) Updated on: April 03, 2020
  • "Croquet balls"
  • "Foodie Still Life"
  • Jennifer Doran, Adult
  • Kathy Marshall
  • Gary Marshall
  • Deb Helgeson
  • Aiden Vinson, 13
  • Jessica, Addie and Danny
  • Deborah Halperin
  • Cathie Haab
  • Michelle Brongo
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