Juried Artist Booth Region Selection

Booth Fee Deadline: May 20, 2018 
Refund deadline: June 10, 2018 
Event Dates: July 14-15 


2018 Sugar Creek Arts Festival Artists Announced:

First Last Category
Michael Anderson, Other
Carolyn Aylward, Jewelry
Beverly Baker, Jewelry
Bradley Bauer, Photography
Mike & Karen Baum, Ceramics
Adam Beachy, Other
Jacqueline Bevan, Other
Rachel Bond, Photography
Angela Bond, Painting
Felicia Breen, Ceramics
Hill Brin, Other
Peter Brown, Glass
Jon Bryan, Wood
Shiela Cahill, Glass
Kim Caisse, Other
Bekki Canine, Painting
Emily Cellini Henson, Other
Joseph Chomyn, Ceramics
Mollie Chounard, Painting
Fernando Cornejo, Painting
Sean Corner, Sculpture
Jerry Crable, Sculpture
Deana Rose, Jewelry
Julie Dancs, Fiber
James Downey, Glass
Julia Dressler, Photography
Debi Dwyer, Glass
Brock Eddleman, Glass
Kaila Elmaataoui, Other
Cathy Engberg, Painting
Gerald Erley, Painting
Neil Estrick, Ceramics
Tracy Fenwick, Jewelry
Nancy Fermanian, Jewelry
Jeff Foernssler, Wood
Tim & Pam Frye, Ceramics
Philip & Glenda Gangler, Photography
Natalie Garrison, Fiber
Su Ge, Painting
Diane Gonzalez, Jewelry
Sue Green, Painting
Lois Gress Neal, Jewelry
Mayolo Haro, Wood
Jeff Hart, Wood
Rachel Haynes, Sculpture
Reinhard Herzog, Glass
Sandra Holt, Fiber
Dale & Gail Horn, Photography
Sandy James, Jewelry
Larry Kanfer, Photography

Gopal Kapoor, Jewelry

Kara Kirchner, Fiber

Frank Kobilsek, Wood

Phillippe Laine, Fiber
John Lamar, Sculpture
Marilyn Lamar, Jewelry
Shelia Lamberson, Painting
Barry Lane, Ceramics
Jimmy Langford, Sculpture
George Laurell, Ceramics
Shelly Lawler, Photography
Cynthia Linnabary, Ceramics
John Locus, Photography
Kagan Masters, Painting
Kelly McCleary, Fiber
Amy McGovern, Other

Mike McNeil, Painting
Jenna McNair, Painting
Jennifer Mercer, Painting
Dawn Middleton, Jewelry
Jill Miller, Fiber
Melaine Mollman Hancock, Glass
Donna Moore, Glass
Anne Morris, Other
Barb Mount, Wood
Dieter Mueller, Painting
Terri Myer, Painting
Rachel Newell, Other
Nua Nian, Painting
Allison Norfleet, Jewelry
Pat O'Brien, Fiber
Clara O'Rourke, Other
Thomas Pabst, Wood
Susan Palmer, Graphics
Kyoung-Joa & Goa Park, Jewelry
Sue Pasetti, Glass
Angela Pierce, Other
Sophia Pip, Jewelry
Mary Pletcher, Fiber
Lydia Puddicombe, Other
Sara Rappee, Jewelry
James Rasmussen, Photography
Tom O. Reed, Wood
William Richards, Photography
John Riss, Wood
Kevin Roberts, Wood
Sylvester Robinson, Fiber
Mandy Roeing, Painting
Fred Schollmeyer, Painting
Suzanne Schmid, Jewelry
Kay Schneider, Fiber
April Sepich, Other
Linda Silver, Fiber
Lisa Slodki, Jewelry
Cameron Smith, Glass
Jack Southern, Fiber
Robert Spickerman, Wood
Tim Spicknell, Glass
Peter Staples, Other
Scott Sternberg, Photography
John Stoeckley, Painting
Kate Strong, Fiber
Tom Suter, Jewelry
Desiree Swanson, Painting
Joan Ellen Tweedell, Graphics
Connie Thatcher, Jewelry
Kari Thornton, Ceramics
Rita Troller, Graphics
Paul Van Duyn, Sculpture
Constantine Verros, Photography
Jon Walton, Photography
Michael Weis, Painting
James Weiler, Glass
Faith Wickey, Glass
Rod Wiegand, Other
Debbie Wiles, Other
Robin Willey, Ceramics
Jeremy Williams, Wood
Lisa Williams, Jewelry
Lou Zale, Graphics

Bold indicates Juror's Merit Distinction

We would love to have you, or your group, volunteer at the Sugar Creek Arts Festival!

Do you have a scout troop or other group looking to volunteer? 

Contact our director, Doug Johnson, at doug@mcac.org to learn more! 

2018 Musical Performances


Saturday: 10am Stone and Snow; Noon: Leah Marlene; 2:00 Brian Choban Jazz

Sunday: 11am Dave Berchtold; 1:30 Joe Zaklan; 3:00 Wildermore


Saturday: 10:30 Sugar Creek Cloggers; 12:30 Sunday Afternoon; 2:30 Marcos Mendez

Sunday: Noon; 2:00

The shows are free and open to the public, with donations of any amount appreciated.

"One World, One Sky:  Big Bird’s Adventure"

Saturday, July 14 at 11 AM1 PM, and 3 PM

Sunday, July 15 at 12 noon and 2 PM

Free and open to the public, donations appreciated.


Elmo and Big Bird live in the United States, while Hu Hu Zhu lives far away in China.  

However together they discovered that they still see the same Moon and stars at night!


"Incoming!  Asteroids, Comets, and the Hard-Hitting Stories of Our Cosmic Origins"

Saturday, July 14 at 12 noon2 PM, and 4 PM

Sunday, July 15 at 1 PM and 3 PM

Free and open to the public, donations appreciated.


Narrated by “Star Trek’s” George Takei, "Incoming!” explores what impacts from space teach us about the history of our planet, the solar system, and the universe!


The ISU Planetarium is located in the Felmley Hall of Science Annex, at the corner of College Avenue and School Street in Normal.

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