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Acton Chris Fiber Chesterton IN B 61
Anderson Michael Painting Madison  WI N 48
Ayers Stephen Ceramics Hannibal MO N 9
Beccue Jake Other Monticello IL B 53
Bedeian Vahan & Vicki Jewelry Blue Grass  IA N 14
Bergeron Doug Photo Mason City  IL B 23
Bond Angela Painting Decatur  GA B 45
Breen Felicia Ceramics Alton  IL N 25
 Brin  HillSculpture  Cotopaxi COB 28 
Bryan Jon Wood Champaign IL N 32
Bumgarner John Painting Morton  IL B 36
Bush  Jill Jewelry Champaign IL N 6
Cahill Shiela Glass Owensville MO B 52
Chomyn Joseph Ceramics South Bend  IN N 42
Cornejo Fernando Painting Bloomington  IL B 59
Corner Sean Sculpture Wichita KS N 7
Cottman Felicia Other Champaign IL N C
Crable Jacque Sculpture Burlington  IA N 15
Crable Jerry Other Burlington  IA N 17
Decker Bob Photo Wapello IA N 12
Dosset Christine Glass Normal  IL N F
Downey James Glass Monticello IL R 7
Dressler Julia Photo Clarksville  VA B 12
Driscoll Jeff Other Dubuque IA B 10
Dunning Kathy Sculpture Streator  IL N B
Dwyer Debi Glass Boone NC B 14
Eddleman Brock Glass Bloomington  IL  B 6
Engberg Cathy Painting Peoria  IL N 22
Erley Gerard Painting Columbia SC N 39
Fenwick Tracy Jewelry Hernando  FL B 21
Rebecca Photo Indianapolis  IN B 58
Franklin  Charles Wood Le Roy IL
N 10
Frichtl Lynne Glass Bloomington  IL R 12
Frye Tim Ceramics Shumway  IL R 1
Gangler Phil & Glenda Photo Normal  IL B 43
Gee Frank Painting Gallatin  TN B 22
Hallowell Britt Other Mount Sterling OH N 37
Haro Mayolo Wood Morton Grove  ILB 56
Hart  Jeff Wood Aurora  IL N 4
Haynes Rachel Sculpture Altona IL N 45
Henderson Megan Wood Oswego IL  B 44
Hentschel Retta Glass Aurora  IL N 23
Heuton Karen Painting Grimes IA N 13
Holt Sandra Fiber Bloomington  IL N 27
Horn  Dale Photo Hawthorne Woods IL N 18
James Sandy Jewelry McHenry  IL N 40
Jones Robert Photo Waleska GA N 30
Kapoor Gopal Jewelry Greenville NC N 31
Kijanowski Craig Sculpture Farmington  IL N 46
Kirwan Mike Sculpture Kappa IL B 38
Koch Amy Other Wildwood  MO N 36
Kukla Chris Ceramics Metamora  IL B 20
Laine Philippe Fiber Palm Beach Gardens FL B 1
Lane Barry Ceramics Chatham  IL R 14
Lamar John Sculpture Rockford  IL N 34
Lamberson Sheila Painting Bloomington  IL N 19
Laurell George Ceramics Ingleside  IL N 35
LeBeau Andrea Fiber Carbondale IL B 17
Linnabary Cynthia Ceramics Roscoe IL B 54
Litchfield Henry Jewelry Peoria  IL B 57
Llergo Karina Painting Northbrook IL B 18
Locus John Photo Colinsville IL B 49
Macklin Shannon Other Flagstaff AZ R9
Madison John Painting Normal  IL N 2
Martin Steven Wood Carterville IL R 13
Mattingly  Coleman Photo Washington  IL N 43
McDaniel Eileen Ceramics Wautoma  WI B 31
Meerdink Cameron  Ceramics Seymour IL N 24
Meier Josh Photo Tipton IA N D
Miller Jill Fiber Urbana  IL B 25
Millspaugh Amy Ceramics Princeton  KY N 58
Mitschele George Sculpture O'Fallon MO R 11
Moore Donna Glass Franklin Grove IL R 2 
 Morris Anne Other Moline IL B 27
Myer Terri Painting Fenton  MO B 4
Neal Lois Gress Jewelry Squires MO N 29
Newell Rachel Other Chillicothe  IL B 15
Nian Hua Painting Urbana  IL B  11 
Norfleet-Bruenger Allison Jewelry Maplewood MO B 24
 Obernberger  Scott Ceramics Racine  WI B39
Pabst Thomas Sculpture Huntertown IN B 8
Palmer Susan Graphics Bloomington  IL B 5
Pierce  Angela Other Bloomington  IL B 3
Puddicombe Lydia Wood Urbana  IL B 29
Rasmussen James Photo Mount Prospect  IL N A
Redinger Sharon Painting Madison  WI N 54
Reed Tom O. Wood Sandborn  IN B 34
Reiss Laura Fiber Champaign IL B 51
Rhoads Jerry Wood St. Joseph  IL B 55
Roeing Mandy Painting Downs IL N 8
Sampson Cindy Other Champaign IL B 30
Sanders Thomas Photo Bowling Green  OH N E
Schmidt Kathrin Jewelry Iowa City IA R 4
Schneider Kay Fiber Iowa City  IA  N 5
Schollmeyer Fred Painting Chamois MO N 38
Sepich April Other Helenville WI N 60
Shull-Andrews Deb Fiber Lincoln IL B 9
SerbousekBrooke  Jewelry Chathum ILN 56
Silver Linda Fiber Washburn IL B 46
Skow Rebecca Ceramics Iowa City  IA B 42
Slodki Lisa Jewelry Chicago  IL B 16
Specht Nikki Wood East Peoria IL B 41
Spickerman Robert Wood Sheridan  IL N 41
Spicknell Tom Glass Pittsboro IN N 44
Spillar Sharon Painting St. Louis  MO B 35
Steinbrecher Knox Ceramics Marietta GA R 8
Sternberg Scott Photo Tremont IL R 3
Stipek Michael Photo Denver  CO N 1
Stoeckley John Graphics Louisiana MO R 5
 Swanson  Ken Graphics Racine  WI B32
Thatcher Connie Jewelry House Springs  MO B 7
Turner Randy Glass Paris  IL B 33
Troller Rita Graphics Orland Park IL B 19
Tweedell Joan Ellen Graphics South Bend  IN N 11
Vansledright Gail Glass Alto MI N 28
Villa Luis Jewelry Alexis  IL B 37
Walton John Photo Middleton WI N 52
Weiler James Glass Farmer City IL B 47
Wennersten Jay Graphics Carol Stream  IL B 48
Widmer Don Other Chicago  IL N 50
Wiegand Rod Other Eureka IL B 2
Wiles Debbie Other Mattoon IL N 20
Wilhite Laurie Other Santa Claus  IN B 40
Wilken Vicki Painting Bloomington  IL B 50
Wilkinson John Wood Washington  IL B 13
Williams Jeremy Wood Shelbyville  ILR 6
Williams Lisa Jewelry Algonquin IL N 21
Willey Robin Ceramics Effingham IL N 3
Wilmowski Allyson Bailey Fiber St. Louis  IL R 10
Yeager Tess Jewelry Noblesville IN B 60
Zajicek Carmen Sculpture DeForest WI N 33
Zale Lou Graphics Deerfield IL N 16
Zieche-Davisson Patti Jewelry Sedalia  MO N 26



Sugar Creek Arts Festival

July 8 & 9, 2017   Expected Festival Hours:

Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm & Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm

July 9 & 10, 2016    Expected Festival Hours:

Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm & Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm

Booth fees begin at $175 for a 10' by 10' booth. Prices increase based on size of booth, location, and the addition of the Friday Night set-up option. Historically, the most expensive booths ($275) with both Friday night set-up and with wider spaces on the Roundabout have sold out within a day of the artist selection announcement.

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